What is Bruce Willis hell commercial all about?

As you may know, Hell is one of the world’s leading energy drink companies, with the brand increasingly used in Europe and Hungary, and they have also partnered with Bruce Willis’ team to promote their new product.

Bruce Willis has made his mark in many great films, serials and today he has become such a big man and a hero, and he too has stepped into the field of advertising last year, he has also rekindled old memories by advertising batteries.

They have created an art form of their advertisements; they have dominated this field since they came to this field and they have maintained their popularity in this field as well. Bruce Willis has also taken part in his advertisement for this coffee with hell, which is just 15 seconds long, in which they have all the cans in the freezer for Hell’s energy drink.

Bruce Willis Production’s commercial lesson – How to make advertisements in less time

It is because of these advertisements that their advertisements have gained strength and they have increased their own business by increasing their consumption in this field and today their name is in the mouths of people forever.

The idea for the advertisement was based on in-house ideas that put the brand and the star in the center of attention, leaving in the past classic stereotyping related to energy drinks such as powerful cars, speed, or people having fun. After the initial idea, many consultations and preparations followed, which eventually resulted in the recording of a commercial ad in New York at the beginning of 2018.

Hell Energy is a company that is wholly Hungarian owned. It is present in almost 50 countries and is produced at a factory in the town of Szikszó. Our aim was to show an A-list celebrity and an A-list product. We did not want to overcomplicate things.

All the creative materials and the commercial communicate the same idea:

Bruce Willis drinks HELL, just like any of us. By the way, he really did like HELL energy drinks. This was important to him, to actually like the product before he agreed to do the ad. A star like him only lends his name to a product he can relate to and believe in.

We used our Classic flavor in the campaign because it’s the one that’s available in all the countries HELL is available in, but we are getting ready for summer with a new product, our Football Fanatic Edition, which is a limited series packaging version of our Classic can. It’s a soccer-themed version of the World Cup. But we feel that such a strong brand communication as we created with the Willis campaign will certainly have an effect on sales of the different flavors too.


That’s how they accomplished this with their ads with Bruce Willis Hell energy commercial ad production, and today it’s an all-powerful brand. Thus, from a small brand to a big brand, the brand of hell named after Bruce Willis.